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 isn’t about singing at all. In my experience, the most powerful thing about it is: freeing the soul and connecting to the truth in our hearts. I am excited to help guide you through making that connection and turning your felt experience into your authentic vocal expression.

With that as the foundation, I will then work with you on connecting emotionally to the story and guiding you through proper breathing and vocal techniques.

I came to my coaching method through my own experience as a professional vocalist, realizing what truly fulfills me as a singer. My goal is to help you feel empowered in your vocal journey and gain the freedom to truly convey what you want to express.


"Siobhan is the kind of wonderful vocal coach who builds on your strengths and brings out your confidence. I have been lucky enough to work with her preparing my musical numbers for Riverdale and I have nothing but praise for her approach. She has not only helped me to develop my voice and believe in my skills as a singer, and an actor, but she has undone the damage that was caused by past singing teachers who were overly technical and critical."

-Nathalie Boltt (Riverdale)


One Lesson
1 hour $80

Four Lessons
1 hour each $280

"Siobhan released blockages in me I had no idea were even remotely connected to my voice... it's about so much more than singing. Her gift is vocal therapy. And you feel her magic when she enters the room."

-Carmen Moore (Rustic Oracle, The Flash, Outlander)

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