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Workplace Experiences


Siobhan and Freya offer group vocal workshops for teams and workplace settings. The vision behind this is to help create an environment where colleagues and business owners  can connect to their voice in a group setting. We know that in creating this intimate space, it has the potential to boost morale, connection and empowerment in the workplace and in our lives. For individuals to feel the freedom to speak their truth, and be heard, seen and valued.

Now more than ever, we are collectively being encouraged to speak up and let our voices be heard. To let what inspires us, guide us into really stepping into our individual power, and 


The experience will range from 60-90 minutes via Zoom with limited seating per session. The purpose of the experience is to facilitate getting out of the mind and into the truth of our body through connecting to our voice. 

Group Experiences


Siobhan also holds vocal workshops for individuals to participate. She will be posting the available dates on this page to sign up. Participation will be limited, so make sure to book your spot right away. 

These workshops will be singing based, and really focused on meeting each person where they are at in their vocal journey. Sessions will range from 60-90 minutes via Zoom. 

Meet The Team


Siobhan Walsh

Siobhan is a professional vocalist, vocal coach and educator. With 15 years in the business, and through her own life experience, she realized where there was a disconnect between singing and actual authentic vocal expression. She began facilitating individual sessions, and group workshops through a desire to help others come home to their voice and sing/speak from a place of purpose and inspiration.


Freya Fox

Freya brings a wealth of experience working in People Ops and HR as well as being an entrepreneur herself. She quickly realized that she wanted to advocate for other humans and help inspire change that created wins for both companies and their people. She is continually inspired to facilitate experiences that empower people to use their voice and speak up for themselves.

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